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My sister 1v1s me the #1 aimbot hacker in "Black Ops 3" very funny 1v1 with her! Leave A Like for this bo3 1v1! SISTER 1v1s #1 RANKED SPAWNTRAP HACKER!! ★FREE COD POINTS! - (COD BO3) Gameplay Video! KID THINKS HE'S BETTER THAN 1v1 AIMBOT HACKER!! - https://(BO3 UNLIMITED GLITCH) - https://(Free Try FFAR Glitch Private Match) - https://"HOW TO DOWNLOAD/COPY EMBLEMS GLITCH!" In BO3 Multiplayer How To Copy Emblems Tutorial! - https://(Up To Date) Twitter- @iAmSerum InstaGram - @iamserum -------------------------------------------------------- I do up to date Call Of Duty videos and commentaries. My Channel Is Focused On Black Ops 3 Glitches, Tips, And Anything First Person Shooter Based.. I am 14 years old and have a strong passion for Video Production! I Enjoy YouTube and give my all to Content Creation. Like My Channel?... Subscribe! My Viewer base Is Typically For Ages 10-25 Years Old About Gaming. XBOX Gamertag: ImSerum PS4 Gamertag - IAmSerum PS4 Back up - ImSerum_ -------------------------------------------------------- Want A YouTube Partnership? Make Money From You're Channel! -

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