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Tassimo L'or REVIEW

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Carte Noir has been broken up and sold by different brands, and in the process renamed L'or which hardly sounds like a work at all and the jars have changed flavour, so how does the Tassimo version taste? I don't often use the Tassimo machine but if I do the Kenco Tassimo pods are OK. We have been mulling over getting a Nespresso machine as the range id bigger and Nestle seem to be actively investing in the brand, also the machines are made by third parties which in this case is good as it leads to better designs. The current Tassimo machine isn't as good as the last one, it is also noisier and less clear if there is a problem, what needs to be sorted. I do seem to be a little negative about the Tassimo, but it is because there is potential for it to be better but it feels as if an accountant is hovering over every cup made. There is no fun in the brand, despite Kraft owning so many brands.

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