What's the temperature resistance of annealed PLA, PETG and ABS?

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I test the heat resistance of different 3D printing materials. I compare "as printed" and annealed condition of PLA, PETG and ABS as well as a high temperature PLA and 3dkTOP. You'll be suprised to see how annealing changes the temperature behavior of PLA! The tests are comparable to the heat deflection temperature tests from ISO 75 or ASTM D648. I design the jig in Fusion 360, create the toolpaths in the CAM module and CNC the part on my router. 🛠 Get the carbide end mills from banggood: https://(Affiliate Links): 🎥 CAMERAS & LENSES Panasonic GH5 - Professional 4k60 camera: https://geni.us/LMN0CmS Panasonic GX80/GX85 - Great value system camera: https://geni.us/M2Sm 30mm f2.8 macro - Great Macro Lense (80% of my videos): https://geni.us/vEwqD 12-35mm f2.6 - Great allround lense: https://geni.us/S9GOsr 14-140mm f3.5-5.6 - My go-to travel lense: https://geni.us/fSAyKo 25mm f1.4 - Nice prime for photoraphy: https://geni.us/mqWM 🎙AUDIO Rode Video Mic Pro - Shotgun mic: https://geni.us/6JFRdJ Rode Film Maker Kit - Wireless mic: https://geni.us/XMD2N Rode NT-USB - Studio Mic: https://geni.us/YVONvy 🔴 LIVE STREAMING Elgatoo Stream Deck: https://geni.us/ppIiAL Elgatoo HDMI USB Capture Card: https://geni.us/imhD Logitech C920 - Overhead camera: https://geni.us/ViVgB 🌼 Even watching the ads before my videos helps me a lot! 🐦Follow me on Twitter: https:///cnc_kitchen

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