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Janey struggles with the knowledge of Victoria’s secret, despite Grandma’s advice to let it go. Grandma’s finally gotten a check from the car commercial, and the girls can finally move out of The Ass. On the set of Oliver’s movie, Heidi excels at the makeup but Grandma and Janey argue about the men in their lives. An earthquake throws everything into focus when Grandma gets stuck in a porta potty and Janey and Oliver finally talk. Available with YouTube Premium - https://"The Struggle Is Real" ""TURNED"" 😄🙌All six episodes of @MeAndMyGrandma are now up and Ep. 1 is free! Watch now: For more Me and My Grandma behind-the-scenes, videos and pics follow: https:///meandmygrandma https://(Ep. 5) | MyLifeAsEva https://

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