How to Create Sitemap for Different Platforms?

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This Video is presented by ) Sitemap for WordPress To generate sitemap in wordpress, there are various plugging available online that you can install in your wordpress admin panel, through which you can generate the sitemap online. 2) Sitemap for Magento: To generate the sitemap for Magento: 1. From the Admin panel, select Catalog - Google Sitemap. 2. In the Sitemap section, click the Add New button. 3. In the Filename field, enter: "sitemap.xml" 4. Click the Save & Generate button to create the sitemap. The sitemap appears in the list, with a link to sitemap.xml file. From here, you can do the following: o To view the sitemap, click the hyperlink in the Link for Google column. o To update the sitemap, click the Generate link. 3) Sitemap for other platforms: There are various online websites and softwares to generate sitemap. ) Various types of sitemaps • Google XML Sitemap • TXT sitemap for Yahoo • ROR sitemap for other Search Engine • HTML Sitemap Than submit the Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools. For any further guidance feel free to contact us at info@ or comment down below. You can also visit us (510)708-6964 Land line: +1(510)868-0607 Europe Office Alex Bennostraat 2, 1325PB, Almere Netherlands. Mobile: +31-614109171 Land line: +31-365244435

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