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[How To] Play PES 2009 LAN Online Using Tunngle

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***Read Below*** Trivia fact: This is from GameDexterity days, and this has been the number 1 most frustrating LAN tutorial to make of all time. Why? Read on to understand the history lesson. [This video is dedicated to Tunngle User l0Mustang0l for encouraging me to tackle this game that is known to be a beast to mankind.] You are taking this video for granted. In this short video, you will learn and see how simple it is to play PES 2009 LAN online when this game was developed with no LAN at all. Wait, I take that back. The video makes it look simple. What you as the user do not get to see is me suffering for days trying to make LAN work error free. Once I figured out the solution, I made this video to make it as easy as possible so that I will never ever have to come back to this game ever again. Between myself and Tunngle user l0Mustang0l, we have spent a collective of 20+ hours within the last week alone trying to understand all the methods of the LAN tool. We have dealt with connection errors, stunnel errors, and verification errors. We tried all sorts of port forwarding methods. We have watched tons of tutorials that did a very poor explanation of what they did in non-english. We have found a few text written guides, but they were written with very little information, and referenced forums that no longer exist. At one point I really wanted to give up on this game, but somehow I figured out how to get a taste of the forbidden fruit. Once I did, I knew I had to have it again and again and again. Hence, the fruits of my labor is what I do best: Tunngle video tutorials. Technical Troubleshooting Section: 1) Stunnel is down? Solution: Run PESMagazine Launcher 2009 once. Get the stunnel error. Restart PC. Run game again. If it is still there, then install the latest version of stunnel. Start launcher again. 2) Validation error? Solution: Make sure your certificate is installed correctly, and you have the system date matching within the certification time frame. 3) Can't host? Solution: Port Forward These Ports: TCP: 20,000-20,140 UDP: 5730-5739 UDP: 3478 TCP & UDP: 49,000 to 50,000 [Note: You can probably reduce the range significantly if you desire. This port forward is for the goalkeeper and goalserver ports, and they fluctuate so often. I did not feel like watching it and learning what the range is, so I took the easy way out. If you want to tell me what the range is supposed to be after you have extensively tested it, leave me a comment.] UDP 11155: This is the tunngle port! 4) I have expired certs. What should I do? Answer: Download the extended certs above, or change your system date to match within the time frame of your certification period. Non-Technical FAQ Section: * What game version should I use? Answer: Ask your fellow tunngle friends what version they want to use. For this video, I did patch 1.2 only because many of the launchers I saw only went up to 1.2. I have heard reports that 1.3 work, and that 1.4 was giving some people connection issues. Because I hated this game after the 21st hour, I decided to go with 1.2 for sake of convenience. I am not going to test this game with patch 1.3, 1.4, or 1.8. If you want to do that, more power to you. 2) Are you going to do a PES 2010 video? Answer: After suffering with 2009, the answer is a big NO. 3) How about Fifa 2010 video? Answer: No. It turns out Fifa 2010 has LAN by default. Tunngle user l0Mustang0l has tested the game for me already, and he says LAN works great within 2 minutes of starting the game. LAN will lag, but if you do direct IP, life is perfect. 4) It sounds like you really hate this game. Why? Answer: There are many games that I tested in the past that I thought was a big headache to work online. The most memorable ones include Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Neverwinter Nights. This game goes on the top of my list for most hated because I had to learn on my own how to use tools that had poor documentation in the first place. If you have to spend collectively 20+ hours on a game to make LAN work, then you start to develop a very deep hatred for the game and everything it stands for. In the end, you benefit from my suffering because now you have a simple to understand video to follow. I wish I was in your shoes watching this video instead of being the one trying to figure out how to make the game work online. 5) Is there any way I can help? Answer: Once you understand how to make this game work online, spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell tunnglers. Subscribe to GameDexterit...I mean vstPower! ------------------------------------------- *Links For the Tutorial* Downloads: PES Patch 1.2: (leave comment if link is broken) Find this wallpaper (see 2010 gallery):

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