NaVi vs Rox.kis #1 (20.02.14) XMG Captains Draft Invitational Dota 2 RUS

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Subscribe(Подписаться): (20.02.14) XMG Captains Draft Invitational Dota 2 RUS с русскими комментариями STEAM GROUPE: (Russia BzzIsPerfect) as their carry paired with supports in Lion ( Ukraine Goblak) and Jakiro (Russia yol). On the other hand, Ukraine Na'Vi decided that they did not need a late game so they went for a "carry" Warlock on Ukraine XBOCT and a support Sven on Germany KuroKy (who would later transition into a carry). The mid lane found Ukraine Dendi's Pudge up against Russia Solo's Alchemist. In fact, Russia Solo played extremely aggressively in the first few minutes with his Acid Spray, leading to a first blood on Ukraine Dendi, despite the rotation of two of Ukraine Na'Vi's supports. This first blood was mostly due to a failed Ukraine Dendi hook but Russia Solo died immediately after Ukraine Dendi, evening out the kill score. This trend followed for the first few minutes of the games as Ukraine Dendi seemed unable to hook anything. Still, the Ukraine Na'Vi supports (and offlaner) rotated magnificently, managing many early kills. Actually, Ukraine Funn1k barely set foot in the top lane as he was against one of the scariest tri-lanes ever seen: Lion, Wraith King, and Jakiro (the triple stun!). This allowed for Russia BzzIsPerfect to outfarm Ukraine XBOCT but for Ukraine Na'Vi to get many more early kills and experience for their supports. Ukraine Dendi, however, was almost pushed out of mid due to Russia Solo's aggressive play style and had to resort to using hooks to get last hits. This was only possible thanks to Crystal Maiden's (Estonia Puppey) unusual leveling, as the Arcane Aura being maxed first gave her allies an "unlimited" mana pool. Crystal Maiden was also gaining a lot of experience thanks to her jungling abilities, reaching level 6 by minute 8. As things progressed to the mid-game (where it would end) Ukraine Dendi finally remembered how to hook properly and started destroying Russia RoX.KIS. Some believe that this is a pattern that Ukraine Dendi follows regularly - when playing Pudge, he must have a certain amount of time to adjust his play to his current ping, but once he finds the timing, he is unstoppable. Due to Ukraine Dendi's skill, and the beautiful rotations from the Ukraine Na'Vi supports, Russia BzzIsPerfect was forced to move from his AFK farming role into a more active, teamfight role. However, his early game gold lead seemed to be used pointlessly in a Hand of Midas (which never achieved its full potential) and a Diffusal Blade (intended to fight Warlock's Golem, but a rather ineffective item on Wraith King). On the other hand, we had Ukraine XBOCT, with a Level 3 Necronomicon by 14 minutes in and a fast Aghanim's Scepter as well. Ukraine Na'Vi, however, attempted to throw the game by playing with an aggressive and reckless style that made Rambo's bravery/stupidity pale in comparison. They almost accomplished it, even giving up a Roshan (plus a free Estonia Puppey kill because why not?) to Russia RoX.KIS at minute 20. Russia RoX.KIS, however, did not let this happen as they decided to copy Ukraine Na'Vi's style of extreme aggression and greed - a mistake that cost them the game. By minute 30, it was pretty clear that Ukraine Na'Vi was the victor of this match, considering the Refresher on Ukraine Funn1K (he was playing Bounty Hunter...).

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