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It's Fast. It's Bad. It's American Muscle.

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Please be kind! I am not a professional by any means; filming or editing. This was my first attempt at something of this magnitude. Sorry for the incredibly shaky interior shots but I did not have the proper equipment. A special thanks to my good friends and brothers in Christ, Ken (owner, driver, boom mic operator) and Corey (film car driver, camera and boom mix operator) for their invaluable help! This is a 2005 Ford Mustang GT with the Roush Stage 2 package. 58,000 miles on body and tranny and less than 2500 miles on fresh performance rebuild. The Roush Stage 2 package includes cosmetic upgrades (18-inch alloy Roush wheels, body kit, carbon fiber interior) and suspension upgrades (anti roll bars, higher-rate springs, lower control arms and Billstein shocks). Roush claims that the upgrades with appropriate tires will generate over 1.0 g in lateral acceleration. This Mustang includes well over $20,000 in performance upgrades. This includes an engine overhaul (4.6L bored out to 5.0L), a 76 mm Hellion turbo capable of 24 pounds of boost (currently set at 12), SCT tuner chip, 3 inch Magnaflow exhaust with electronic cutouts, Hurst shifter and stage 3 racing clutch. Cosmetic upgrades that include 3D carbon fiber striping on body and chin spoiler, and re-painted engine compartment. Dyno reports 508 hp @ 6000 rpm and 542 Ib-ft @ 4400 rpm at 12 pounds of boost at the tires. c.600 hp at the flywheel. Pros promise 650-700 hp at the tires with 18 pounds of boost with current engine build! Also has Shaker 500 factory upgraded sound system with two 8" subs.

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