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Captivate 2019 - Webcam Video Demo

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When I first started creating Adobe Captivate video tutorials on YouTube, I would use Adobe Captivate on one screen to demonstrate, while another instance of Captivate would record a Video Demo. I switched to Adobe Presenter Video Express at the recommendation of Dr Allen Partridge. He suggested that I could incorporate my webcam into my videos as well. With Adobe Captivate 2019, I can now record my software demonstrations and my webcam view simultaneously in the Video Demo feature. Captivate 2019 even lets me make my webcam background transparent or replace the background with a variety of different environments. In this video tutorial, I show you how you can record and insert clips from your webcam into your video demo tutorials recorded in Adobe Captivate 2019 Release. Subscribe to my channel 🔗 https://goo.gl/iuA6Lm Need more help? Get your question answered on YouTube 🔗

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