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40 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas – DIY Home Decor

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This video is about 40 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas – DIY Home Decor that is made of wood and used as an organizer for storing shoes, towels, drawers, etc. This hanging shelves wall can be installed by yourself using brackets, hooks or wall mounts in the garage, bathroom, toilet, kitchen. Installing DIY shelves for walls is the right way to take advantage of the space in the bathroom with towel bar, closet, pantry, laundry room as storage for your various needs. As alternative, many people buy this kind of shelf from IKEA, Target, Menards, Lowes, Kohls or Home Depot at any prices with many features such drawer, with basket or cabinet, lamps, made of wood, pipe, plastic or glass and can be used for heavy duty function. As a variation, shelves that stick to the wall can be used as a room divider, liner, display that can be slide so that a table, door, lamp, or desk can be added. Basically the installation of shelves for walls can be placed under staircase, over or under desk, under window, next to fireplace, near ceiling whose dimension is adjusted to the existing wall area from 10 to 30 or more inches deep and wide. shelves wall corner shelves shelves ikea shelves with brackets shelves for bathroom shelves in closet shelves for storage shelves in kitchen shelves over toilet shelves display shelves with baskets wall decorating ideas handmade, wall decorating ideas for bedrooms, wall decorating ideas for living room, wall decorating ideas design, wall decorating ideas diy, corner shelves, creative shelves, Diy Creative Wall Shelves Design, 67 DIY Waste Glass Bottle Decoration ! Craft ideas room decor https://

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