How to Add a Sitemap for New Pages in Wordpress

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Learn more: https:/// Download plugin: https:///plugins/multiple-pages-generator-by-porthas/ When you create thousands of new pages with the MPG plugin in minutes, you want those pages to perform well and get indexed by Google. One quick, efficient way to make that possible is to submit a sitemap of your pages to the Google Search Console. The MPG: Multiple Pages Generator Wordpress plugin generates an additional sitemap of the pages it created with just a click of a button AND submits the sitemap index file to search engines automatically. You can even set up the frequency that you want Google and other search engines to revisit each URL and add the sitemap to your website’s robot.txt (robots exclusion standard). Google has a limit of about 50.000 URLs per sitemap, however, it lets you submit up to 500 sitemaps per site in your account. So you can easily create 25 MILLION new pages and submit them to Google Search Console to boost your website and conversions. Subscribe to our channel for more incredible tips: https://

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