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1956 Billboard Year-End Top 100 Singles

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For information on Total Weeks, Top 40 and Top 10 information, click here: https:///227921840 https://"Go On With the Wedding" - Patti Page Mercury Records Peak: #11(1 week) Date: 2.11.1956 The first full year of the Top 100 singles since its inception on November 12, 1955, though it feels you will only hear 10 songs due to all the covers. This is also the earliest year that the Year-End has 100 positions. Not sure when I'll go even earlier considering the source I used for chart information goes only about halfway back to 1955, though you never know. The Top 100 marks the point where the popular single is dictated not only by sales but by airplay and jukebox play under the "Most Played by Jockeys" and "Most Played in Jukeboxes" charts respectively. It'll only last less then 3 years before the Hot 100 launches on August 4, 1958. Note the ties where specified as such. This was common until 1960, where Billboard would use "a more accurate charting system to assist the ranking system" as Weekly Top 40 puts it. Enjoy the trip through Billboard chart history from here on out! For more info, see here: https://weeklytop40./

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