How To Add My Site To Google Webmaster Tools

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Don't know how to verify your website to google webmasters. Here I share step by step guide to submitting your site in google webmasters. Step 1: Login to your Google Webmaster Account Step 2: Click on Add a property Step 3: Type your website URL and click on add button Step 4: Now Go Alternate Methods Step 5 : Choose first option - HTML File Upload Step 6: Download this HTML Verification File Step 7: Login to your website Cpanel: (Public_htm/www) Option and Click on Go button Step 11: Now you will see your all website file Step 12: Click on upload option and upload that "Google Verification file" Step 13: After upload now clicks on "verify button" and finished. I wish all of the above points clears you to add your site to Google webmaster tools. For any questions and feedback please comment and If you like the video then share with your friends and subscribe our channels for more SEO updates. 13 Steps to Submit Your Site to Bing Webmaster tool: https://

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