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Funkastarz, Mark Laurenz & D-Jastic - Conspiri

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Subscribe to PM Recordings: https://(Record company) - Dance music makes us one Funkastarz a.k.a. Tom Dekkers got interested in music at an early age already. As his parents were running their own pub, music always played an important role in his life, as he was growing up in a town called Beverwijk in the North of Holland. Being a teenager he started to experiment with the cd players in the family pub, to entertain the guests. At a later stage, he would do so as well, in the other local bars and clubs in the area. Since then, Funkastarz has created some dancefloor bangers like … Rock This - Make Some Noize - Things Started - Going To London - Real High - Hit The Deck - 100% Dutch and Air! As a result of the studiosesions, he found himself doing more and more gigs at parties like Latino Grooves - Lansdael (Purmerend), Foktop - J&M (Drachten), Millennium (Castricum), De Rede (Dronten), Club CREAM - Eindelijk Weer (Almere), Bob’s Saloon (Uitgeest), Madhouse - Panama (Amsterdam), Xenon (Wijk aan Zee), Club Lua (Beverwijk), Palladio (Helden), Ministry Of Sound (Egypt), Hed Kandi (Egypt), Beach Festival (Bloemendaal), Powerzone (Amsterdam), MINX Exclusive - Escape (Amsterdam)… In 2010, Funkastarz made his first appearance on Radio and TV at the Amsterdam Dance Radio & Tv show. In the beginning of 2011 he also gave acte de presence at Radio Aalsmeer. Sofar Funkastarz has worked or spinned together with … DJ Miss Wendy, DJ Jean, Mark Laurenz, Mick di Lano, Glenn B, MC Richie, Rob Boskamp, Quintino, Alvaro, Quintin, Melvin Warning, Spider Willem, Mike S, Alex Motu, Michael Saint and more… Funkastarz’ music has been signed to B-Bass Recordings, Spinnin’ Records, PM Music and BIP Records Funkastarz, Mark Laurenz & D-Jastic - Conspiri

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