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EMERGENCY! CP 9682 at Ypres (25JUL2012)

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Rejoin 5:38, details 6:59, other broken train 8:32, train 10:50, knuckle 15:44 Canadian Pacific 9682, CP 9528 (Train 112 -- Vancouver to Montreal) southbound at mile 53 of the Mactier subdivision at Ypres pulling grain and autorack cars. The final two autorack cars separated from CP 112 as it approached Ypres and it went into emergency. The conductor walked the length of the train before discovering the two cars that had separated. On closer inspection, the pin and knuckle had failed going over the last crossing. As the two autorack cars separated pulling the airlines apart, the loss of brake pressure causes the entire train to go into emergency braking. Luckily the final car had the same coupler, so the conductor swapped them. Problem solved, he then hitched a ride to Baxter with a foreman to do a pull-by and the foreman probably gave him another ride to the head end of the train. The train immediately behind this one was experiencing issues with a double stack well car (8:32) and crews from Spence were meeting it in Essa to determine if it could continue.

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