Things You Do When You're Home Alone

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Being home alone has to be one of the best feelings ever cause you can finally be your true self! These are 8 things that we all do when we’re home alone and no one is watching. When your parents, siblings or family members leave and you have the entire house to yourself, there are weird things that everyone does. Come on, whether you like to admit it or not we’ve all walked around the house alone naked or in our underwear at least once. From the moment when you come home and realize no one’s home so you can call bae over. To when you get that call that her parents aren’t home, these are things we all do when we’re home alone! Keep watching until the end to see what happens! You might get a little scared when you’re home alone in the basement and have to turn off the lights and run upstairs. You could probably swear you heard someone else in the house or a creak in the floor. But for the most part, you’ll probably spend most of your time doing things like stealing clothes from your sister’s closet. Or talking to yourself in the mirror and having your own fashion show, trying out different clothes and accents. Cause you know that no one is home to judge you for the weird things that you do. You can sing and dance to Ed Sheeran as loud as you please in the shower and the best part, leave your wet towel on the floor. We all talk to ourselves especially when we’re alone, but when you’re home alone you can pretend to have a Youtube channel and record your own everyday makeup routine.  One of the things that everyone does is pee with the door open and lastly, of course, walk around in your underwear. Just hope you don’t get caught though LOL. We hope you enjoyed this video! COMMENT BELOW and let us know if you do any of these things when you’re home alone! Join the tinyBIGteam:

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