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Thailand's Deadliest Prison Worst Prisons in The World - Documentary Discovery HD Channel ™

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Please watch: "Children in prison for life sentence - Documenatry & Discovery HD Channel ™" https://(in damage done to body and mind) to five years in a standard U.S. prison. The five-plus years I did are therefore roughly equivalent to doing twenty-five years in the U.S. prison system. (I was then given a treaty transfer and served an additional eleven years in U.S. federal prison). Thai prison is a surreal place. Like Thai society itself, it’s a strange mixture of casual brutality and indifference to human suffering, while being placed side-by-side with stoicism, introspection, and humor in the face of death. In retrospect, that cauldron of viciousness and cruelty brings forth the whole spectrum of human behavior—from great evil to transcendent kindness, and mimics what I would assume those who survive a war must experience. I have witnessed hundreds of deaths up close and personal. In the vast majority of cases (mostly of Thai peasants and Hill Tribesman from the jungles of the Golden Triangle), their death was a dignified one; an amazing testament to the strength of the human spirit (of South East Asian people, anyway) under the worst sort of conditions. It so greatly affected me that I transformed from being an uncaring and rather self-centered American into someone deeply connected with social justice, global inequality, and working to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place. The violence and malice I have witnessed are sadly the same as the violence and malice everywhere else; as human evil is, indeed, banal in its repetitiveness. I’ve watched guards and trustees beat prisoners senseless, and on occasion, to death. I’ve seen inmates attack and attempt to murder each other (sometimes successfully) on a daily basis, with the causes ranging from the laughably petty—a slight perceived as an unforgiveable personal insult—to drug and gambling debts—or just the simple rage at fate in a system that results in random acts of senseless violence. The varieties that human cruelty takes are endless...but in the end, are all the same. They amount to denying a person their mandatory needs, so as to make them suffer; or inflicting the greatest amount of pain humanly possible. Decent food is denied, medical care is made unavailable; as are the thousands of other ways that people have found to hurt each other. Torturing the body and mind to the limits of endurance is a perverse art form that’s often refined to its highest degree by authorities in prison. We want to hear your opinion! Like & Comment. Don't Forget To LIKE this video! We share information only for educational purposes Subscribe & Join us : https://(SUBSCRIBE)https://"

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