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hot chocolate | meme (gift for my sister♡)

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Her birthday was on March 9 wdjoaiwjd Ga w d- I'm so sorry for being this slow,, i dunno wth is wrong with me wjawjd- but hey i finished it! And hope u like it :" (if ur even reading this dude xd) Now just gonna waste a lil bit of ur time by saying- ur literally the best♡ Ilysm and I hope you'll always smilleee!! And feel only one gawddyam emotion, which is happiness mkayy- so stfu because you're beautiful and u deserve so much more!! I'm so glad to have an intelligent yet stupid goofball who's a huge nerd for anime and a very talented editor as my lovely sister :"з Ur the reason I can draw and make videos like this- if u weren't here to isnpire me to draw and create things idk what kind of garbage I could've been- also who can handle my anger issues and annoying af self other than uuuuu♡ although ur annoying af too and the biggest nerd i know xd so gtfo Thank u for always being a good sis to me and always here to listen to my stupid lego addiction- and always reminding me to love myself♡ I would be a useless stupid gawddyam trash without you- and i would've never succeeded at school if it wasn't for ur smart a ss helping me understand sh ed every gawddyam second. That's all i gotta say- (im not sorry for wasting ur time- xd) Ignore my horrible drawing here (and the animation)- this was drawn in the beginning of March c': oH- also huuuge thanks for my dear friend Ari- for agreeing to help me out by coloring the last frame so wonderfully♡ ilysm dude tyyy!! __ Original: https://(s): Enjul belongs to my sister

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