How Do I Add a Sitemap to My Website?

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How do I add a sitemap to my website details step by step and easy way for you to add an XML sitemap to your website using online xml sitemap generators and uploading the file to your hosting account. Creating XML sitemaps allow user-agents to understand your website URL list. This video tutorial shows you how to use Microsoft notepad program to easily add your xml details so you don't need expensive sitemap generation software programs. To learn more about sitemaps visit: https://support./webmasters/answer/156184 These sitemaps are parsed by user-agent robots and they provide quick and easy way for you to provide details about your website structure. Now that you watched this video and know how to create one for your site, remember that having HTML sitemap also allows your visitors to navigate on your website (especially if you have a large site) I would also encourage you to submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tools account so that Google can crawl and index your web pages. Here's video tutorial that shows you how to add your newly created sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools account: And this video shows you how to verify your website in Google webmaster tools account covering all the verification methods I thank you very much for learning with me and I would really appreciated if you shared this video tutorial session showing you how do I add a sitemap to your website, the share URL is: This video tutorial session has been created by https://

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