War Robots Test Server - NEW Workshop 2.0 Preview (read Desc)

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War Robots [4.3] Test Server with the New Workshop 2.0 Preview. i will be 100% honest as usual , The New Workshop is a Great Addition to This game but Pixonic deliberately refused to release it until the economy changes took place , here is why: before the economy changes the main problem for players was getting new content , the upgrade process wasn't a major issue , if Pixonic released Workshop 2.0 at that time everyone would be happy but no one would buy Component content for money anymore because it's much efficient with the New Workshop System (and cheaper) , obviously this won't go to Pixonic favor so they made it so that getting new Stuff is not the main problem anymore with the latest update , then they released the Workshop 2.0 System when people no longer need it. i mean good luck upgrading all the stuff that you will be able to get using the New Workshop , it will be impossible to catch up with the workshop production speed as upgrading everything is very expensive in both time and Silver. Music used:(in order) Lensko - Circles [NCS Release] https://

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