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How To Kill Flies With Flies (Warning Gross Video May Induce Vomiting)

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Australia has tons of dirty flies! You need to know how to kill flies to survive the savage Australian summer. Flies can ruin your day, destroy your food and pester you hours on end. A flies desire to breed can be the perfect death trap for easy fly control. House flies are capable of carrying over 100 pathogens, such as those causing typhoid, cholera, salmonellosis, bacillary dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax, ophthalmia, and parasitic worms. Some strains have become immune to the most common insecticides. House flies feed on liquid or semiliquid substances beside solid material which has been softened by saliva or vomit. Because of their large intake of food, they deposit feces constantly, one of the factors that makes the insect a dangerous carrier of pathogens. Although they are domestic flies, usually confined to human habitations, they can fly for several miles from the breeding place. They are active only in daytime, and rest at night, e.g., at the corners of rooms, ceiling hangings, cellars, and barns, where they can survive the coldest winters by hibernation, and when spring arrives, adult flies are seen only a few days after the first thaw. Flies are very dirty and need to be controlled. This video is disgusting and may induce vomiting! Web Links : https://en./wiki/Fly https://en./wiki/Housefly

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