Batman '89 - (JOKER Teaser Trailer Style)

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The teaser trailer for this year’s Joaquin Phoenix 'JOKER' film was as stunning as you’d expect. The obvious thing for me to do was creating a mash-up in its honour, presented before you, the great viewers! What better way to do it than diving back to one of the most stupendous years in history, 1989, and reminding you all of Jack Nicholson’s dynamite performance, in what still remains one of my favourite movies of all time; 'Batman'. Enjoy Epicness! HD Clips- ‪https://m./user/Fredcheesburger‬ Instagram- ‪https:///epicmoviecomps_official/‬ Google+ ‪https://plus./109496489962178825887‬ Lego Star Wars- ‪

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