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First San Francisco Valentines Nude Love Parade 2016 (Warning: Nudity, non-sexual)

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WARNING: This video is of a legally-permitted public event that contains male and female nudity (of a non-sexual nature). Viewer discretion is advised. Do not watch this video if you are offended by nudity. A legally-permitted event, thanks to a legal victory in U.S. District Court last September, this is planned to be a new annual event: The "San Francisco Valentines Nude Love Parade". Organized by Gypsy Taub, a "Body Freedom Activist". The parade is both a celebration of nudity, and a protest against public nudity being made illegal in San Francisco a few years ago. Nudity is still allowed in parades and permitted events, and this was such a permitted event. See for more information. The parade started at Jane Warner Plaza in The Castro District, headed down Market Street, made a left on Larkin Street to City Hall, where there was posing for photos. The parade then headed back to The Castro. The permit was for a specific limited time period, and that time ran out before the parade reached the original starting point, so they had to stop and cover up sufficiently to avoid risk of arrest. Interestingly, apparently this means only bottoms are required, the women were still okay if topless. The weather was excellent: sunny and clear, 65° F (18° C). This video contains excerpts from the opening ceremony, several interviews with participants, as well as the parade itself. Video table of contents: 00:23 Initial gathering (and checking of permit) 00:59 Participant interviews 09:05 Opening ceremony excerpts 11:40 More participant interviews 15:13 Parade begins 24:12 City Hall (Civic Center Plaza) 26:43 More participant interviews 29:33 Return parade 31:35 End of march as permitted time runs out

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