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(album) The Buzz CAN NOW BE PURCHASED FROM iTUNES using the link below: "ANTENNA" MUSIC VIDEO OPPORTUNITY TO APPEAR ON STAGE WITH FUSE The competition will end on 1st NOVEMBER 2012 and the winners will be announced on the 7th NOVEMBER 2012 GUIDELINES (Must be followed): Download the single 'Antenna' to use for your #AntennaDance video: "Antenna" is based on the dance steps featured in the Azonto. If you're unfamiliar with the "Azonto" dance craze that has generated such a buzz, then be sure to watch the viral video here and official video here viral -

Вы попали на страничку онлайн видео по фразе *SWITZERLAND ENTRY* Fuse ODG - #ANTENNADANCE *OUT NOW ON ITUNES*. Если онлайн видео *SWITZERLAND ENTRY* Fuse ODG - #ANTENNADANCE *OUT NOW ON ITUNES* Вам понравилось и Вы остались довольны результатом или наоборот, можете продолжить дискуссию комментарием ниже...

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