How to Add Google Search Console

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See how to easily add your website to the Google Search Console so you can have more of an impact on how Google sees your site and to take more control over your SEO. 1) Go to ) Click the button "ADD A PROPERTY" and add your website's URL to the field in the pop-up and click "ADD." 3) On the next screen, click the "Alternative methods" tab and choose "HTML tag" in the list. 4) Copy the tag given to you. Do not close the window. 5) In another tab, log in to the Webnode website you would like to add and open the "PAGES" menu in your editor. 6) Make sure you are editing your homepage and click "SEO page settings" to expand those options. 7) Scroll to "Custom HTML header code" and paste the code you copied from Google Search Console, close the window and publish your website. 8) Go back to the Google Search Console tab and click "VERIFY." 9) Now click "Continue." Your website is now verified with Google. You will be taken to the dashboard for your website. 10) Click "Sitemaps" and then the button "ADD/TEST SITEMAP." 11) Add "sitemap.xml" to the field after your website's URL and click "Submit." Google will now begin to look at your website and create a profile. For more help, please see our step-by-step guide in Webnode's Knowledgebase: https://

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