Top 10 Naruto Storm Revolution Mods│October 2014

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Top 10 Naruto Storm Revolution Mods│October 2014 Here are a few mods that I really enjoyed playing with this month. I made this video due to the positive feedback from last month's video. Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: Any mod that isn't a texture mod (.tpf) cannot be used online, and will disconnect you from the match and raise your disconnection frequency. So donwloading mods like KCM Naruto, or awakened Obito will prevent you from playing online unless you remove the mods from your game's files. They can however be used in Ninja World Tournament. My game has crashed while doing so before, but it only happened once. It won't happen often, but take in consideration the possibility. I'll put my top 7 mods up every week, and will most likely include more if not all the links in my next video. As for this one, once again, if you ask you shall receive. For Texture Mods (.tpf) 1. Download Texmod @ (Program Files (X86) and paste a copy of texmod.exe into the folder 3. change the name of the copied texmod.exe to the launcher name ex: NUNSR_launcher 4. change the actual launcher name to something else ex: NUNSR_Launcher_2 5. In Texmod (your new NUNSR_launcher) click the folder icon and go to your directory and select NUNSR.exe 6. click run, then it will say no files selected, click 'start anyway' 7. A second texmod window will popup. Follow Step 5 again, and this time click the small folder icon and search for any .tpf files you want to load. 8. Click Run For non-texture mods (ex: data_win32, data) 1. Create a separate folder of your game directory (Program Files (x86)) and copy your original data or data_win32 folder to a backup (in case you want to remove the files, if you have a lot loaded on and don't want to search for all of them individually, as the mods permanently replace a different character.) 2. Copy the file (ex: .dll) into the corresponding folder it comes in (ex: data_win32, scp, ui, etc.) in place of the original folder into your game directory (AFTER YOU'VE BACKED UP THE ORIGINAL FILE) If it asks to replace files you can say yes or no, it varies with each mod if it will make a difference. *You can experiment by combining different mods of the same character together and create your own with a little trial and error. Just make sure you have a backup of your original directory before making adjustments. * Make sure to keep a copy of each mod that you download in a separate folder so that you can go back and individually remove each mod individually in case you forget which files were already on the game, or that you recently added. *If you accidentally forgot to back up your files and keep a copy of your mods, don't panic. You can always just re install the game on Steam and it will automatically replace any missing files. Just make sure your Steam Cloud is turned on (which it is by default, so unless you turned it off, it will already be on) so that Steam saves your data in case you decide to delete the entire game. MODDERS: HASSEN SAMY https://(No Damage)!1clHzJJY!aBYuYIMnJLLOKbMxkhGeIaKFdAUkVgBMV0r_-bm2fVM Summer Hinata w/o hat (no cloak) (Normal, Sharingan, mangekyo, blind, eternal mangekyo) (https://)

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