War Robots [4.3] Test Server - NEW Robots (Rayker , Blitz , Invader) Gameplay

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War Robots [4.3] Test Server Gameplay with the New Robots (Rayker , Blitz , Invader) and Suppression Ability. the main theme behind these Spider-like Robots is that they lack Firepower , however they can forcefully share that weakness with their Target via the new Special Ability "Suppression" which reduces Damage output of an unfortunate Target , the ability takes many forms with the new Robots , it's as following: Rayker - special ability has 2 charges , each time you use it it fires a long range Electromagnetic charge which interferes with 1 Robot Weapon system reducing it's damage by 90% for 6 seconds , you might be able to use both charges on 1 target but don't do it because it doesn't stack , each charge has ~8 seconds recharge time. Blitz - Special ability has a single charge , when used the Blitz will fire 3 Arc's of negative energy in-front of him , there is 1 second delay between each Arc , all enemies hit will have their damage output reduced by 75% for 6 seconds , has 17 seconds recharge time. Invader - it looks like the Weyland but with the same Special ability mechanics as the Mercury , however instead of dealing damage at landing it reduces the damage output of all Targets cought the blast radios by 90% , has 23 Second recharge time (that won't matter because after using it you won't be able to survive long enough until it goes off of cooldown again Lol). in a nutshell these Robots won't be used in high level play due to their painful lack of Damage output , PRO players tend to not count on their team and just deal all the damage by themselves , why would you sacrifice your hangar to play support for a team that mostly won't take advantage of the Space you created for them? Music used:(in order) Seum Dero & Yonetro - Sprint [Frequency - No Copyright Music] https://(feat. Nathan Brumley) [NCS Release] https://

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