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Hungary 1956

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1956 hungarian uprising This video is not against the russian people!!! but against the bolshevik soviet oppression and the soviet regime. Hungarian people respect today's Russia but the communist Soviet Union was our deadliest enemy and always will be. Communism is agaisnt God, against family, against peasants, against tradition, against nation, against humanity and human dignity and ultimately is against life. The video make tribute for those hungarian freedom fighters who fought against this oppression. In 1956 we defended Europe again just like we did it many times in our history (or just like defending it today against migrant invasion). After the soviets crushed the hungarian revolution the Western European communist parties started to dramatically decline. That was the legacy of the 1956 hungarian revolution in Western Europe. In Transylvania (today Romania) was also the hungarians who triggered the revolution in 1989. Althoug since Trianon the transylvanian saxon minority almost completley destoryed by the romanian governments the hungarians number also drastically decresed. Today still 1,5 million hungarian lives in Transylvania who wants to belong to Hungary. Between the collapse of the Ceausescu regime in December 1989 and the spring of 1990, half a million indigenous so-called "Saxons" fled from Romania to West Germany. Romanians sold 400 000 saxon for money to Germany during the communis. Hungarians also suffered from the heavy romanization and from the destroying of the hungarian villages. The main reason was the "industrialization" take place in Transylvania during the romanian communist regime was to annihiliate the minorities in Romania and destroying the villages where the hungarians lived. Romanian communist government also forced to settle romanians to Transylvania where the hungarians number was high. In Czechoslovakia almost the same happened. In 1920 after Trianon the number of hungarians was 1 million in Czechoslovakia, but today "only" 500 000 hungarians lives in Slovakia. After the accept of the "Benes decrees" expelled hungarians from their home and forced to move to Hungary. If that was not enough the 1918 bolshevik "aster" revolution in the Kingdom of Hungary was one of the main reason the country was collapsed and disarmed and this eventually caused us Trianon. So we really hate communism... Movie: Szabadság, szerelem (2006), Children of Glory (eng.) Watch my other videos: Hungarian history in paintings: https://

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