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Industrielle, halbautomatische Hochgeschwindigkeits-Bindemaschine für RENZ RING WIRE® Block-, Kalender- und Skip-Bindung. https://(calendar hanger tool) is required for producing calendars. Straight wire pieces are formed into the hanger shape and then automatically guided into the wire before closing. By this patented RENZ®-technology manual preparing and manual inserting of the calendar hanger is a thing of the past. The main control panel uses touch-screen technology. The screen clearly displays all current machine data, menus for adjustment and operation and - if necessary - error messages. Optionally available for this machine is a spare parts package. If you buy it with the machine it ensures high availability for critical spare parts as well as for spare parts with long delivery time. If necessary the required spare parts are immediately available on-site. With the help of a spare parts package downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

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