Obadiah's: Fireplace Conversion System - Dutch Oven & Grill

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Obadiah's new Fireplace Conversion system doesn't just convert your wood-burning fireplace into a more efficient one, it also gives you the option to use it as a cookstove! With the extendable crane arm inside the unit, you can easily add a dutch oven in your stove to cook stews, casseroles, roasts, or whatever else you'd like. If you're more of the grilling sort, this system has you covered there too: Simply insert the grilling grate, and now you can use your stove as a traditional grill! Cook hot dogs, steak, burgers, chicken, and anything else you can think of, right from your home's heat source. Next time you lose power in the long cold days of winter you can take comfort in knowing that, with this system installed, you'll still be able to cook up some tasty meals. If you're looking for a new wood cookstove or other heating product, please visit our website for the best prices and service found anywhere. As shown through these videos, we are dedicated to our customers and providing them with all the information needed to make the best purchase, without the typical sales hype found elsewhere. Check us out online at:

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