The crappy state of some new Dell PCs these days

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One of my clients caught a sale from Dell around Black Friday, and decided to pick up two new Dell desktops, paying roughly $400 a pop for them. As this is my biggest client, I have a custom image of Windows 10 with all their specific software and settings installed and configured, so the machines were brought in for a new PC setup. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with the direction OEM computers are headed these days. One of these machines had a dent in the case and a broken piece of plastic loose inside the system. This model uses a proprietary power supply, and the hard drives installed are horribly slow. Despite these machines having Core i3 CPUs, the Cube Computer Plexi with its older 1TB boot drive and Athlon 64 X2 CPU, actually boots faster and overall runs faster! The client would have been better off having me upgrade his existing machines, however it can be difficult to work in time into my schedule, due to taking on a full-time job back in November. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cube Computer on Facebook: https://

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