Winter Heating - Fireplace Heat Exchanger

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This is a great way we heat up the main house on the ranch. We fabricated a fireplace heat exchanger out of muffler tubing. We have 6 short pipes that wrap around from the bottom of the fireplaces where they pick up most of the heat from the red hot coals and transfer it out the top of the tubes. We get great clean air heat with the original blower, but I had a crazy idea to attach the kid's jump house blower and now this thing screams. Yes, it's a little louder but it throws serious lasting heat into the home and I'd say we get about 2000 square heat kept above 70 degrees from it! Fireplaces on their own just suck most of the heat out of the house and up the chimney while also pulling any cold air it can through any openings. This makes our fireplace WAY more efficient and gives us an "off the gas bill" way to warm the home. Thanks for watching and please share any feedback you have. I've happy to answer any questions!

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