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My first edit. Made in 2003 on Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP. Heard a song, and thought of #Ataturk. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk worked hard to establish his vision, "peace at home, peace in the world", up until his death in 1938 - which is why we miss him ever more today. This video is my tribute to Atatürk. It's a collection of some of the rare video clips from his time, accompanied with music by Sema - a song called 'Hasret' (means 'Longing' in Turkish). For more information visit: (Efsane Hanımlar) / Legendary Ladies Licensed by: Eglence Fabrikasi (on behalf of Hammer Müzik), and 3 music rights societies. Sözler (Lyrics) - O gözler benim ağlar (Those crying eyes are mine) Eskisinden yabancı (They are even stranger than they used to be) Gönlümdeki bu sevda (This love in my heart) Hiç dinmeyen bir acı (Is a never-ceasing pain) Ruhumun kederinden (Because of my soul's grief) Gözlerim yaşla doldu (My eyes filled up with tears) inliyorum derinden (I'm wailing deep from the heart) Bana bilmem ne oldu (I have no idea what's happened to me) En candan arkadaşım (My kindest friend) Ruhumu saran gece (At this night that wrapped my soul around) Ben kime bağlanmışım (Whom have I been attached to) Ağlıyorum gizlice (I'm secretly crying) Kimsesiz karanlıklar (All the darknesses all by themselves) Derdime şifa verin (Give a healing for my sorrow) Kalbimdeki yaralar (Wounds in my heart) Daha çok, daha derin... (Are even more, much deeper...) Audio / Video Editing:

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