Xuav Talon flight, ends with a "crash"

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Was out flying my xuav Talon. In the air I was not sure if I had removed the cap from my mobius lens so I did a landing. The cap was off so I threw it back in the air. During the takeoff I did a touch and go, not enough throttle (this plane is HEAVY, around 2 kg). But it seamed OK, so I kept on flying. I noticed very quickly that it was extreamly hard to climb. Even at full throttle the plane would hardly climb, and that have never been a issue before. I have a very strong motor. Stupid as I was and did not land, I thought this would go over, it didnt. After a min in the air the plane kept faling. Unfortniatly it started to descend over a extreamly muddy (lots of rain lately) farm field. I had so much fog on my FPV glasses, I lost video, and I knew I had to land. Luckely i had stabilize function activated. Plane : X-uav Talon APM 2.6 Ezosd

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