I'm a dog mep- (CLOSED)

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Part 1: Mustache Box ❤ Part 4: Leonawolfgaming Part 5: Gaming Bear YT bear❤ Part 8: LauraOnGachaStudio XD❤ Video parts: https://youtu.be/_2jVM1DYqzw Oof I'm here making another one😂 Rules: 1) don't copy other people's parts 2) don't fuss if you don't get a part 3) use your oc's only 4) don't try to extend your part, I'll just cut it short. 5) I'm not obligated to give you a part 6) it's not first come first serve 7) if you don't meet the deadline I'll give your part away without hesitation 《》It's 2 parts per person! I'm doing the intro but the intro doesn't count as a part.《》 [+~THEME~+] The theme is seduction, if you don't know what that is then I suggest you don't try to get a part. Also use dark grunge colors, no bright colors[neon, pastel, ect] please. °•PART DEADLINE•° °•June 20th•° °•NEW DEADLINE•° °• June 25•° Song: I'm a dog Artist: D. Brown *PLEASE HAVE DECENT EDITING SKILLS* Editor watermarks are allowed, just don't add your own, I'll do that for you. °☆Parts☆° Intro: (doesn't count) xshanii edits💔 1) 2) xshanii edits❤ 3) xshanii edits❤ 4) 5) 6) Jukki Gacha❤ 7) Jukki Gacha❤ 8) 9) Gacha honesty❤ 10) Gacha Honesty❤ 11) DashyChu❤ 12) MoonLuna Edits❤ 13) Zoey_does_edits❤ 14)Zoey_does_edits❤ 15) ThisisMaemi❤ 16) I Keziah❤ 17) I Keziah❤ Done-❤ Not done-💔 Comment "goofyLamps" if you read everything.

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