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Subaru Impreza Belt Change And Adjustment

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Here is how to change the accessory drive belts on a Subaru Impreza car. It is easy to do a belt change and a belt adjustment on the Subaru Impreza. There are just a few small simple tricks you need to know about how it is all constructed. Subaru Impreza has 2 Accessory drive belts, and you should replace both of them at the same time. The belts have manual adjusters on them, which means you should regularly check the tension on them. Some other cars have automatic adjusters, so you never have to check the tension on them, but the Subaru is an older design, with a screw you turn to tighten up the belt. It works well enough, as long as you keep your belt tight. If you hear a belt squeaking, before you decide to replace the belt, you could decide to tighten it and see if the squeaking stops. In many cases the belts will get loose and start to squeak, and when you tighten them again, the squeaking will stop. I hope this belt adjustment video teaches you how to change and adjust the accessory drive belts on your Subaru Impreza car.

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