Dan and Phil // Crack Video #18

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Sooooo hope you guys enjoyed that this took me forever to do but eventually i got it done for you guys! i love you guys sooooo much and thank you for loving these videos and for all the support you have given me. I love this little community we have and i am soooo happy to make these and communicate with you guys. Thank you. Songs in order of appearance: Beep Beep I'm A Sheep - Tomska Hey how you doing? Careless Whisper - George Michael I Need U - BTS My Shot - Hamilton What are you waiting for you dumb stupid fuck? Don't Stop Moving - S Club 7 Yuri on Ice!!! (dan on piano) My Shot - Hamilton (again) Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton Taco Bell Saga - Tyler Joseph Santa Tell Me/Deepthroat Mashup Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton (again) Again i love you guys so much if you've read this far comment BEEF AND CHEESE AND LETTUCE!!!

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