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Women in the news: A Gendered Agenda? Special Guest- Marina Mahathir

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The Centre of Independent Journalism will be announces a set of data obtained thus far, from the Watching the Watchdog Media Monitoring project, detailing the coverage on women candidates and women's issues during GE13. Panelists: MARINA MAHATHIR Marina Mahathir is a writer, women's rights and HIV/AIDS activist and TV producer. She served as the President of the Malaysian AIDS Council, an umbrella body of 40 non-governmental organizations working in HIV/AIDS in Malaysia, for 12 years from 1993-2005. In addition Marina has served on many regional and international HIV/AIDS bodies including the AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific (ASAP), UNAIDS and the Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV and Development (APLF). Currently she is a member of the Board of Sisters in Islam, an advocacy group which fights for justice and equality for Muslim women. Marina also writes a fortnightly column on social issues in a local English-language daily as well as online, produces a TV programme for young women and writes and speaks regularly on women's issues particularly where it relates to Islam, gender and HIV/AIDS. She is also an avid blogger with her own blog, (@netraKL) and Facebooker. ZAINAH ANWAR Zainah was involved with Sisters in Islam for two decades as its leader. She was responsible for building the NGO from a small organisation to a global one and is invited to give talks all over the world. SIS has been at the forefront of NGOs influencing amendments to Islamic Family Law. It has espoused equality and justice for women, discussed dress and modesty, the right to guardianship, women as judges, fundamental liberties in Islam, and apostasy and freedom of religion. DR. TESSA HOUGHTON She is an Assistant Professor in Media and Communication at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Director of the Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture, and Communications Manager for the University of Nottingham Malaysia Early Career Research Network. She was awarded a PhD in Media and Communication from the University of Canterbury, NZ, in 2011. MASJALIZA HAMZAH (Moderator) Masjaliza Hamzah has been the executive officer at the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Malaysia since March 2010. She was Programme Manager of the Research & Publications unit at Sisters in Islam (SIS), and managed a research on polygamy among Muslims in peninsular Malaysia. Masjaliza was part of the small group which drafted and circulated a petition among print journalists asking for the repeal of the draconian Printing Presses and Publications Act in 1999. JUANA JAAFAR Juana Jaafar is a freelance writer. She curates online content for 3R, a popular TV programme targeting young women. Over the years, she had contributed to several publications including New Straits Times, The Sun and Malay Mail. She previously worked for Perdana Global Peace Foundation researching on issues related to peace and conflict resolution in the Middle East. She served as media officer and communications consultant for a United Nations agency here in Kuala Lumpur. On supporting the women's movement, she has worked closely with Sisters in Islam and Musawah on various occasions

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