Jar Of Hearts S.2 Ep 4

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With The Guys Finn:*kisses her forehead*Babe the guys and i are gonna go around look for some houses k Rachel:*sick laying on the bed*Alright have fun babe be careful I love you Finn:*smiles kisses her forehead*i love you so much more Kurt:*blowing his nose coughing plops back down on the bed*You know being sick and having this drama is making me lose weight Blaine:*chuckles shakes his head and wraps his arms around him*Babe the guys and i are gonna go around Lima look for a new house Kurt:*lays back on the bed*Alrighty have fun but not to much *giggles*I love you Blaine:*kisses his forehead*I love you so so so so very much more Quinn:*making soup for kurt and rachel*My poor besties there the only ones who got the flu Puck:*wraps his arms around her waist*Your a good bestfriend baby were about to leave to check out the houses k Quinn:Alright be careful out there i love you Puck:*kisses the side of her head* Tina:*helping quinn cutting up vegatables*Have fun baby you need a boys time Mike:*kisses her*Thank you i love you Tina:I love you too *smiles* Brittany:*kisses arite*Have fun baby i love you Artie:I love you more *they leave* *The Guys* Finn:Alright blaine wheres the first house *driving* Blaine:*looking at the navigator*Right over there Puck:God damn *eyes widen* Artie:Holy shit thats the other house *turns pucks head* Blaine:I think i like the second house better *eyes widen* Finn:*taken back*Do we all agree second house Artie:Oh hell yea *laughs* Puck:*does a happy dance*AWESOME The Rush Home Puck:*runs in his and quinns room packing there stuff*Were so moving in now Mike;*packing his and tinas things*Hell yea im jumping in that pool Artie:*laughs getting his things and brittany* Finn:*packing his and rachels thing quietly* Blaine:Im so excited *packing his and kurts things*

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