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The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 - Ep.67 (2015.03.22)

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Multi Language Caption Translation Is Available! Learn How to Activate (Seoul, UTC+9) - Ep.67: ["Who Do You Take After?"] The triplets dress up in taekwondo uniform and arrive at a taekwondo studio. With strong gaze and firm fists, the triplets are eager to learn taekwondo. They try breaking boards with their bare hands. Will they be able to do it? The twins are off to catch smelt! Hwijae gets really excited to experience his first fishing trip with the twins. Then the twins surprise Hwijae with their great fishing skills. Welcome guests visit Jion and Taewoong! It's Taehyun and his two lovely daughters Taeeun and Sujin. Meanwhile, Taewoong does his best to cook a meal for the guests. Will the kids like it? Sarang and Sunghoon enjoys hot spring bath. Looking at the great snow scene in the hot bath sure is amazing. - For more info: () Instagram: @kbsworldtv Tumblr:

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