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SUPERMOTO WHEELS on a DIRT BIKE! [Supermoto Build Part 10]

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Welcome to my Supermoto Build Series! In this series, I will be showing you the entire process of making a dirt bike street legal and converting it to a supermoto. This is being done on my 2015 Honda CRF450R. I'll cover parts needed, requirements, a little bit of installation how-to, but most of all, having fun showing you the choices I make to build a super cool custom supermoto! In this video (Part 10), I've got something you've all been waiting for, the main thing that makes this a supermoto build series: THE ACTUAL SUPERMOTO WHEELS! I picked up some awesome forged Marchesini supermoto wheels. Thanks to sponsor TAW Performance for getting me a great deal on these! Now, I had to be unique, so I teamed up with Enigma Coatings, my local powdercoating shop, to get the wheels coated in a super cool metallic red. You can see the behind the scenes video for that here: https://youtu.be/DZM4vOL8cc0. Aside from getting the wheels done and putting the wheels on, I also needed to round out some of the supermoto look! I got to work on making my own supermoto front fender out of the standard white CRF450R fender that I got from Acerbis, who provided the whole plastics kit for this bike. Although I didn't complete the fender in this video, it's taking shape and I love it! Getting the rear wheel on was a bit difficult, but that was expected. I knew that I'd be cutting it close with a tire and wheel so wide (5" wheel and 160/60 tire). It DOES fit though! We test fit the chain, but without actually installing it, I won't know just how much chain rub there is. I've got some tricks up my sleeve to solve that, though. Front wheel went on without a hitch and looks KILLER with the supermoto brake kit from Moto-Master. Enjoy the video/series or find it useful? Hit that like button, subscribe if you aren't already, and share it with your friends! It helps me and the channel out a lot :) Thanks! Sub to Fry, my build assistant! -

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