Jar Of Hearts S.2 Ep 13

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Sebastian:*smirks*Missed you blaine cuz i sure to hell missed you Puck:Ummmm no one invited you here your not apart of this friendship *stands up* Finn:Actually your not even apart of anything to do with us so i suggest you leave *covering blaine* Sebastian:Oh come on i just wanna say a fellow hi to my good friend blaine *tries stepping closer* Artie:*arms crossed about to roll on his feet*Mmmm i dont think so take ten steps away from anderson hes a married man now Mike:*glares at him*Yea with Kurt and he is very happily married with kurt Sebastian:Oh thats right *leans to look at blaine*How is old betty white Blaine:*glares stands up*Thats none of your concern and dont ever call my husband that ever Sebastian:*sees the girls coming with kurt*Really cuz to me theres no point to marrying a loser like him Kurt:*just hears and sees its sebastian* FInn:*arm around rachel looks madly at sebastian*I think its time for you to go Rachel:*arms around finns waist*Ummmm excuse me why do you still exist here arent you suppose to like be gone in all of our lives mostly kurt and blaines Quinn:*just sits next to puck awkwardly*You have no right to critize kurt he did nothing wrong to you Sebastian;Hes just an old talent i dont get why everyone is so pleased with him *laughs looking at kurt* Puck:Do not fucking push the line horse teeth *angry* Mike:*holding tina*Kurts smart enough to not give a crap about your words about him Tina:*holding his hands*His talent is way better than yours anyway Sebastian:Hes just an old hag *walks up to kurt*He gives a bad name to the gay community Kurt:*tears start falling looks down* Artie:Kurt dont listen to him hes not worth it your stronger than him *looks at him* Brittany:Your about to cross the line you freakin buck to slicked hair freak *walks up to him* Sebastian:The gay community should but you in shame your a diassapointment to them you do nothing but ruin them with your talent and style *pushes kurt lightly* Finn:*pins sebastian up to the wall along with blaine puck and mike artie just wheels over*You wanna say that again Blaine:*gets up to his face*Back off my husband or else we will teach you a lesson Sebastian:For the record blaine you can do so much better than that piece of trash Kurt:*breaking down crying* Puck:Oh i think he wants a lesson *pushes him even more hard against the wall* Mike:*punches him in the gut and the nose*Say one more thing about kurt and artie will roll over you in his wheelchair Arite:And im not scared to *about to drops him to the floor* Kurt:STOP EVERYONE sebastian is right about me Blaine;*stops walks over grabs his hands*no hes not babe dont listen to him Kurt:*tears falling in his hands*No blaine hes right my talent is so old im not amazing im just trash you desrve someone better *runs out* Blaine:KURT BABE *about to go after him* Sebastian:Think about it blaine your life would be so much better without him Blaine:*sighs hands to his hips sighs*

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