How do I add an XML Sitemap to Google Search Console

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How do I add a xml sitemap to Google Search Console shows you step by step instructions for creating and adding a XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools Most website owners can create one Google account and access all of Google platforms and services, therefore, to be able to add your sitemap to Google webmaster tools you have to first create an account. To learn more about how to use Google Webmaster Tools visit: https://support./webmasters How to add a sitemap video is the start of new video tutorial serious which will show you how to use Google webmaster tools to let Google crawl, index and also improve your website. So don't forget to watch the other lessons which will show you quick and easier ways to use webmaster tools Google makes available for webmaster community. By using Sitemaps you can tell Google about your web pages on your site that it may otherwise not be able to find out. An XML Sitemap is a list of the pages on your website contained within the urlset to learn more about Sitemap for Google visit: https://support./webmasters/answer/156184 Furthermore to gain in depth knowledge about xml sitemaps and sitemap protocol and also how to use them to let user-agents like Googlebot know more about your website visit: https://

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