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Travelog: Pelit's Chocolate Museum | Turkey 2015

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The heaven (or hell?) to every chocoholic :) I talk about it here: https://kawaiidevil./2015/10/22/trip-log-pelits-chocolate-museum-turkey-summer-2015/ ♥ Thank you for watching ♥ Give this video a thumbs up if you like it! Do it!!! (/^ o ^)/ Subscribe for yummy recipes and more! Who am I? Sweet yet dark, I’m the cutest devil! Sharing bits of me on YouTube. I love to bake and I love food more than anything in the world!…okay maybe not hehe Find me: Instagram: @itskawaiidevil Twitter: @itskawaiidevil Tumblr: itskawaiidevil Get to know me! I promise I don’t bite…as long as you are nice fufufu~! [Music: French Waltz by Jose_188

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