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201(3)7 - Leaving a Legacy

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201(3)7 . During high school, my baseball coach often times referred my senior class as “the worst graduating class since 2013.” Always fooling around and cracking jokes, it was no wonder that we started off season on a shitty note. At one point, practice was so bad that we had to run our own practices because coach didn’t want to coach us anymore. He constantly made these analogies with us because he didn’t want our class to take down the same path as the class 13 did. 13 seemed to be a year with lots of potential and talent, but that class knew they wanted to spend their last senior year leaving a true legacy at Pali, for a new wave of students to take their place of raging wild. . To celebrate an end of an era, I decided to create this video as a memory that our class can always look back to. A video highlighting all of our crazy accomplishments as well as a mix of my travel clips. A video also to inspire the next wave of students to take our place. 🌊 . Thank you to everyone who has made my last year incredible! Transitioning on from high school to college, I’ve met so many different people along the journey and I’m stoked to see what’s next for this year! 🙌🏻💥

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