Jar Of Hearts S.2 Ep 28

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It's been three days the seniros are getting ready but kurt mike and brittany are getting worried blaine tina and artie have been avoiding them. With Rachel Quinn Kurt Mike And Brittany Rachel:*closing her locker*You guys im pretty sure blaine tina and artie have some reason their avoiding you Quinn:Yea *confused grabs something from rachels bag*I mean have you guys done anything wrong Kurt:No not at all its just these past three days blaine has just been at his weirdest with me *tilts his head* Mike:And were just worried that we did something wrong cuz artie and tina are doing the same to britt and i Rachel:*purses her lips together walking with them*I mean is there anything to worry about with you guys Quinn:*looks up arms locked with her and kurt*I know its something its at the tip of my tounge but it wont come out Kurt:What do you mean *they sit at their table in the quad* Mike:Theres nothing to worry about anymore santana is back with us david is gone mercedes gone sam gone sebastian gone Brittany:Yea what else is there to worry about graduation Rachel:I got it *slaps kurts arm* Kurt:O

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