Dell Inspiron 11 3147 Take Apart and Reassemble

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Hi! No music. No talking. Just work. If you are taking your Dell Inspiron 11 3147 laptop apart be careful and wear an anti-static wrist band or use other anti-static device. Separating the LED screen from the digitizer is hardly possible. At least on the version of the laptop I got here. Replacing a keyboard only is pretty much impossible without bending a palmrest. If you need to put a laptop back to work be aware of screws. They are different and you better remember or mark them somehow to insure that you will put them back in to a right place. Some laptops I take apart first time, so don't be serious on my time and performance. If something got broken - ooops, it's your fault. Believe me, some parts in your laptop are already broken, you just don't see that. Have fun and good luck!! regazzz

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