How to Add Google XML Sitemap to Your Wordpress Website

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Get the BEST FREE video course on the Internet and start your website now at: https://"Google XML Sitemap." This plugin automatically creates a sitemap for your website, which is very important. Why Do You Need a Sitemap? 1. A sitemap is a page that will display all the links or pages in your website. This way the search engines, like Google, Bing can easily access all the pages you have. Also, this plugin will notify the search engines each time your website receives an updates. This can be a new post that you wrote, comments, etc. This way your pages will be more quickly found by the search engines and indexed. In result, you will receive more traffic. 2. Besides, when your website starts becoming big many times the crawlers have a hard time finding your new content. You're probably wondering what are crawlers? Well, these are small robots that "crawl" each page of your website seeking specific keywords (search engine terms) so they indexed it in the proper listing. As you can see, Google XML Sitemap will give your website a huge advantage. Anyway, please subscribe to our channel so you can receive our latest updates at: Also, if you have any question just leave it below. I will try to reply as soon as possible. Thanks for watching and stay tuneeee... with prositetutorials! Google XML Sitemap: https://

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