ProFractional Laser | Details, Cost & Recovery

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ProFractional Laser | Details, Cost & Recovery I had a profractional laser treatment a little over a week ago. My skin is still not fully recovered but is almost back to normal. I still have some slight redness, blotchiness, and very faint marks from the laser. Overall, profractional was more of an aggressive treatment than I expected. I didn't do any research about this type of laser beforehand (although I should have) so I didn't know what I was in for. The first 12 hours were quite uncomfortable and I was definitely thinking I might have made a mistake. Profractional laser treatment causes 'controlled damage' to your skin in order to encourage the skin to produce new collagen. This damage to the skin hurts! It felt like the worst sunburn I ever had and I had a decent amount of swelling (which the pictures don't really show) that was uncomfortable and made it hard to smile or make facial expressions. My face was also a bit more dry and tight than usual but that is subsiding now that I have made it past the one week part. The biggest improvement for me started happening about 4-5 days post laser treatment. I am hoping in another week or two that my skin will be completely healed. My treatment was quite aggressive in order for the laser to reach deep enough layers in hopes of improving my acne scars. Profractional can also be done on lower settings which would obviously require less downtime and be more comfortable. In turn, you might be more treatments to get the results you desire. That is something you and your doctor can figure out if you even consider any type of laser treatment. I will continue to post updates as my skin heals. Producing collagen takes time so I will probably do another update in a month or two and also at the 6 month mark which is when profractional results are supposedly fully visible. As far as pricing, I thought profractional was quite reasonable. It cost $150 for to have a targeted area of my face treated with the laser. I have heard other people mentioning they spent upwards of $1000 though (which is usually for the entire face and maybe an even deeper treatment). Also, be sure to go to a provider that you have done a lot of research on. This is not a procedure you want to have someone do on your unless they are extremely well trained with profractional and have a good deal of experience. Another important point - do not skimp on after care. Do whatever your doctor tells you to do in the recovery period. Moisture and staying out of the sun and keeping your head elevated when you sleep are all extremely important if you want your skin to have the best chance of healing. Let me know if you have any questions about profractional laser treatment or if you've ever had any type of laser treatment! Thanks for watching

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