Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Repair UNDER $30 - DIY How To - Specialized S-Works Tarmac

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View Description for more details. Carbon fiber bike frame repair for under $30. THUMBS UP if this was helpful in any small way: ) This video shows how I repaired my Specialized S-Works Tarmac cracked frame. Total work time involved? Around 3 hours (not counting re-assembly). Most of the time will be spent sanding. I hope you have a power sander... In many cases, a broken carbon frame is repairable. My cracked carbon road bike frame had a soft spot in the top tube that flexed when pressed. Clearly it had been dinged by a previous owner. It seemed like a perfect candidate to undergo a do it yourself carbon frame repair. I bought a carbon fiber repair kit on ebay that consisted of a roll of carbon fiber cloth, epoxy, hardener, and instructions. The kit was $30 with free shipping. There are many such kits available, so just search for one. Some carbon repair shops specialize in repairing and refinishing carbon frames. But based on the pricing I’ve seen, a professional repair on my cracked Specialized S-Works frame would cost over $400. That’s too much for me. Plus, I wanted to see how easy it would be to complete a DIY repair. Some pro shops claim that nearly every carbon fiber frame can be repaired no matter how severe the damage. Even if the tubes are broken. And that repairs are stronger than the original bike, with no measurable additional weight, and don’t alter the bike’s ride. My frame was cracked, which is not all that severe, so I can’t say from personal experience. If I have any cracked or broken frames in the future, I will definitely be performing the repair myself. Overall I thought it was very quick and easy. The most time consuming part was sanding down the new epoxy. It’s possible to repair: Cracked Tubes Separated/Missing Tubes Tube Replacement Dropout Replacement Car and roof rack accidents Water bottle mount add-on Handlebars Seat posts Carbon rims Seat masts / topper This video was about a carbon fiber layup repair, not paint. I did not paint the repair. My understanding is that a raw finish is just as durable as a painted repair, and won’t scratch and chip like paint would. Raw finishes require no maintenance. Where to Find Le Tour de Plants ★ YouTube Channel: ) Some of My Favorite YouTube Channels ★

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